Troutasaurus ... oh my

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We live in East Central Florida so we fish a lot and have been blessed with many nice catches but today's trout is IMG_5893.JPG IMG_5894.JPG IMG_5894.JPG worth sharing ... 32 1/4 long and 10lbs 3oz ... my son flipped a bass assassin paddletail in Drunk Monkey color to some pushing water and the water erupted with a purple line down its side ... new it was a good trout but didn't no he's PB by 8ozs ... what a beautiful fish ... after some careful reviving she swam off to hopefully give someone else a Kodak moment !!
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Thx to all .... fine trout for sure ... we were going to go bass fishing but a buddy called and said he and a friend were going so we decided to go help them get around the lagoon and hopefully get them on some fish ... to breezy for sightfishing the area I'd would have liked to fish in June but obviously it worked out just right .... Mosquito Lagoon is in rough shape with the brown algae killing so much of our beautiful sea grass that hides bait and filters the water to make it fairly clear ... still a good fishery but not very pretty right now ... I'm spoiled by seeing it at it best that hopefully will return with some sea grass restoration