Big shout out to Capt. Mack!

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Poo Bear

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My son Jamie treated me to a charter fishing trip with Capt. Mack and it was a blast. Jamie bought a Tracker boat from BPS back in June and we had been skunked too many times, so he hired Mack to take us out on his boat and show us the ropes.

We caught a striper, lost another, caught several nice spots and caught a nice channel catfish. Capt. Mack was clearly annoyed that the fish were not committing to the bite but Jamie and I were thrilled.

Anyway, I would suggest to anybody that is getting into fishing with electronics on Lake Lanier to hire Capt. Mack to take them out on a charter. He will show you everything you need to know to get started. Otherwise, it can be a struggle that leaves you wondering if you make a mistake buying a boat!

Thanks again to Capt. Mack for what was one of the best times on the water with my son and him.