Briscoe Park?


Yes it's a good place to fish. It was a lot better before they drained it years ago but the population is good now. There isn't much structure but you can catch some fish.

Cletus T.

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I have fished it but it has been years though I can remember catching good bass out of there. I have a buddy who use to live right there by the park and he caught a 6-pounder and a 5-pounder off bed out there in a span of 1-week.

Sooooooooooooooo…………the potential is there!


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there was a few people fishing there, one guy said he has caught a lot of crappie and the other said there was some good bass and said he caught about a 4 lb one a few days ago. Didn't get no bites but got lots of practice with the baitcaster i just started using and my spro swimbait

Miguel Cervantes

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Sean, you would have loved that lake back when Mr. Pate owned it, before he donated it to the city.

It was slam full of lunker bass. There are still some good ones in there, as well as a fair amount of bream, warmouth and catfish, but it gets a good amount of pressure.

Before it was poisoned, drained and dredged getting a stringer of 5+lb bass was very common.


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one of the guys there said they stock it and have tournaments for kids there, i have never heard anything about that but who knows. Everyone i talked to there said there was some good bass in there though