Calling hogs?

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Most guys I know simply bait hogs and wait on them to show. Sometimes I may not have time to make 2 trips and bait them if I'm hunting far from home. The other day I saw a video of some folks using an electronic game caller to bring them in. Have any of ya'll used a game call on hogs and if so did it seem effective?

Is there a particular call other than suey suey suey that seems most effective?


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I thought he was trolling, especially with the suey, suey stuff, which ain't gonna work on wild hogs, but look up hog zombies on youtube , they're using recordings they've made of hogs squealing and grunting, and evidently it does work ? They have quite a few videos of it working, I have the Ruger Ihunt app on my phone, and I knew there were wild pig calls on there, but never gave it a second thought, didn't figure it would work, now I'm going to try it next time I go to the lease, can't hurt ,, just might work , we'll see .

I can't believe there are people that would get up in front of a crowd and act like an idiot like some of those in the calling contests do ? Ain't enough money to get me to do that ,,,,:rolleyes:
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No Guys I'm not trolling.
Yeah, the suey, suey, suey, part was just something I figured I'd better throw in before a wisecracker beat me to it.
I know using game calls on other species that some sounds, cadence etc. sends a more attractive or appropriate message for the situation. Usually hogs are a target of opportunity for me and I rarely go after them specifically so I'm not very likely to spend a lot of time prepping an area to hunt or calling from a deer stand. Just figured there was someone around the community that had tried it or could comment on results calling them in.
If you give it a try TF let us know what happens.
I have one of these and the ihunt app on my phone. It has a bunch of realistic hog sounds.
I have used it maybe six different sits and saw no hogs. I have also sat six times without the caller and not seen hogs.
I don't know if it is going to work or not but I will keep playing with it.
It is really loud if the volume is turned up. Don't doze off with it set on "Big Boar grunt" in your shirt pocket and accidently press the button. I thought one had me!
You can download an app for any animal sound you want on your phone. I use a Bluetooth speaker to project the sound. I have tried to call in pigs with it many times. I have had minimal success with it. Corn works better. The coyote call works well. I got 3 different packs responding to the call one night. I had a turkey respond to an app call as well.
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I have used the baby pig distress sound on my foxpro a few times with success . While crow hunting a few years ago prior to our first set up I seen a sounder by a river slough and tried the pig distress sound just to see what would happen . Two big sows came charging in and I shot them both in the head at less than 10 yards . I burnt up close to a box of number 6's shooting piglets . They didnt quite know what to do since momma wasnt running off .


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I watched that gal on a youtube video calling one out...............she says sometimes it works, sometimes it don't;)

I have tried it to no avail...........but I'll do it again.

I like that cruncher call. It sounds cool and I got a big pig to come to me after about 5 minutes or so. May have been headed my way to begin with, but I like it and will use it again:cool: