Decoy raft

You talking about something to carry decoys or a raft of decoy?

If to carry, I have one of those plastic sleds that I sometime use to drag decoys behind me when wading into swamps.

Mark K

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Thought he was talking about that black plastic thingy you attach decoys to and just roll up.
Those things would be pretty sweet on divers in deeper water if they work as advertised. Beats winding up 4 dozen individual decoys.
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I have bought two . Attach up to 3 dozen decoys to the raft attach one or two anchors and stretch the raft out throw the other. Anchor out and you set 3 dozen decoys out in five minutes or less.
All my divers are on long lines. That looks like it could be a real time saver though. You just roll it all up or attach decoys as you roll it out?
You clip them on and just roll it up. It’s alright for deep water situations only one anchore. I feel like it makes the decoys loot right and nervous. Never had an issue killing them over long lines and they are easy and quick.
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I have bought two used with clips. I intend to use them on open salt water. Long lines work but the current on an incoming or out going tide is ruff on long lines