Do deer eat squash?

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I have a large vegetable/strawberry farm close to my house and they have some vegies left over from them picking the crops. I have wondered if I collected them (hopefully for free) would the deer eat them or would they just continue to rot, but just in a different place?
Yep, they sure do when nothing much else that they are used to is available. We have 8 +/- landlocked deer in our neighborhood of Duluth/Berkely Lake. They ate the leaves from the butternut squash just as the squash started to form. They also have cleaned out the developments of young flowering well as cropping young leaves from Dogwoods. My neighbor's game camers caught a 10
Pointer, 8 Pointer and 6 does last year.

This year my wife used hanging CDs, and Irish spring soap shavings in mesh bags around the garden plots....working so far.

Funny you mentioned that. Cd's work well as deterrants for crows and deer when suspended on fishing line. I save all those things that come from internet service providers for 'free minutes' just for that purpose. :cool: