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Hey Roscoe, I jusy left my land and it is so dry when you walk it looks like a heard of cattle had been running. The deer have eaten 200 lbs of corn this week. Guess they are all out of acorns and persimmons. There is a pile of yearlings this year that has made it so far. They ain't been long lost their spots.


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Ya same with us dry as a bone lots of youngins this year for sure. Our deer are eatin the feeders bare in a week week and a half. All our does are still paired up with babys still and daytime buck activity has dropped off in last couple weeks hopefully the cooler weather this weekend will get them goin.


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Anybody hunting?

I used to hunt in Chauncey from 2001 to 2006. I miss hunting in Dodge County. I really like to read about what is happening in the woods there. Did everybody quit hunting this year?
Its been quiet this year as far as people talking. I took a nice eight point and saw a lot deer. Down side was the drought but with all the rain lately they should be coming up.