Empire Flooring ?

You will pay twice as much using a company like that. You won't have to do any leg work though. They will come to you with samples. You can save a bunch of money if you get the materials yourself and hire a local contractor
Whatever you do, don't use them, even with their half off sales they are still higher than an independent contractor or flooring company, if you're going with pre-finished wood you can check with Lowes or Home Depot, pick what you want and they have contractors that can install it.
They are ridiculously over priced and pushy,if you go with empire your gonna get screwed!!!
MY wife wanted them to quote our floors. Had a meeting with salesperson at 7;00 p.m. at 10;00 I told him the 4th time I wasn't interested.Next statement was If you don't leave I will call the cops for tresspassing.Worst used car salesman I ever met.
Good luck with finding anyone in Milledgeville/Sparta area to do any work. It absolutely amazes me at the difficultly I’ve had at trying to find someone to do various projects down there. It would be a shoe-in for an individual/company that would do good work to start up in the area. They would have more jobs than they could handle! You may want to try Lowes?? I would strongly look at the new laminate flooring that “looks” like wood and is waterproof. That’s what I did and love it, easy to put down/pull up/replace if needed as well as having guest running in and out with wet feet.
My wife had them come out for an estimate and the guy they sent couldn't figure out how to get the measurements because of all the angles. He finally wrote some numbers down and said they would call with the estimate. Never heard from them again.
They require full payment up front before installing floors. Installer will call it in before starting job and their billing group will pull funds immediately from your account before giving installer the go ahead for work. If there is a problem you will have a nightmare getting any response. Beware!