Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Hey everyone!

Please help! I don't know what to get for my husband for Father's Day! He has everything you can probably think of when it comes to hunting! He loves fishing too but I know he will enjoy more something for hunting.. Any ideas? I appreciate it!
A guided elk hunt in Montana would be a groove. ::gone:


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Seek Reveal Thermal Imaging Camera. About $350 on Ebay.
How much money do you wanna spend?
It's the dude's Father's Day present and you ask her how much money she wants to spend on it? Clearly the answer is "all of it".:bounce:


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I like elfiii's take on it if any of my family is listenin!

Really..Anything Huntin is always a winner!!

Good luck let us know what you choose...


...just joking, seriously.
The best things in life are free.
More time in the woods and on the water doing the things he loves without hard feelings from those he loves would be the greatest gift.
Omaha Steaks was running a pretty decent deal last week. $50 but they said it was about 80% off. I think you have to use the promo code “meateater” to get that price though.


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One of those 80 amp battery powered pole saws would be cool if'n I'm not breakin the bank....
I have a 40 amp Kobalt and it does a great job as far as my use around the hunting camp. So if money is an object don't be afraid of a 40 amp as well.

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If he doesn't already own a pair, I would highly recommend a pair of snake boots.

Here are a few other ideas
  • A new cooler
  • Rubber boots
  • Warm clothing
  • Flashlight
  • Thermacell
  • Scope
  • Carrying Pack
  • Treestand safety harness