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I know this probably belongs in the "Get together" forum, but as I have a specific audience, I am posting it here.

How about getting together for some practice before the season? I am open as far as where and when, so let me know. I am also willing to travel (but not too far :bounce:).

Does this sound like something that you guys would be interested in?

Also, for those of you in the Atlanta/Gainsville/Lincolnton area who want to get some really good practice in, there are Silhouette "competitions" in Gainsville on the first Saturday of the month and in Lincolnton on the fourth Saturday of the month (except this month due to Internationals going on at the same time). I put competition in parenthesis because it is really isn't a competition at all. There are no prizes and you really don't compete against each other, unless you want to. You don't have to be an IHMSA member to shoot either. It is a good time and you are not shooting from a bench so it will help you a great deal in learning how to shoot in field situations.

Anyway, let me know if any of this sounds interesting to ya'll.
I would be up to a fun day at the range so long as there is no size limits to the pistol. I got three really big pistols...Freedom Arms in 454, Wildley in 475 Wildley Mag (deal in progress) and a Lone Eagle in 308. I also got a Glock 20 i will be hunting with...

I might be able to make it to the Gainsville shoot in September or meet up to shoot on a Friday afternoon sometime...depending on where it was.

Eddy M.

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might be interested depends on how far from Marietta


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i will go if im not working some of us can ride together, i have a crew cab, that 4 can ride in, i see eddy is in marietta and htr your in dallas, ? just a thought


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To answer some questions:

As far as size limits in IHMSA, the Gainsville shoot is limited to .22LR (Small Bore) and straight walled pistol cases no longer than 1.29" (Field Pistol). Field Pistol also includes the .22 Hornet and .270 Ren. For the Big Bore stuff, we have to go to Lincolnton. That one is pretty much wide open so you could bring whatever your heart desires 11P&Y.

I am also not pushing that we go to an IHMSA event, although it is really good practice. I would be perfectly happy getting together for a day at a local range and burning up a bunch of ammo. I don't mind picking a place that is in-between and car-pooling there either.


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I'm in southeast Georgia.... so any where up north would be out for me....


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What about in Brunswick for the southern folks Handgunner?
I'm about 2.5 hours from Brunswick, Chad but have family there so I'd have to see...

Macon wouldn't be a bad idea, but I'd opt for sometime a bit closer to season, or a bit cooler weather.... This July/August is HOT for this big ol' boy! :rofl:
While getting used to the weight of my Super Redhawk .44 mag, I figured I needed more arm strengh. So while watching "Predator I" I took my unloaded .44 Mag and started lifting it up and down like a recoil shot for 20 reps. It is 3lbs unloaded. Figured it was a "manly curl"

I would then after 20 reps hold for 1 min on a fixed target in the house or as much as I could up to one min. Builds up the arms.

Seems like a great way to "Condition for the Challenge"

Just thought I'd pass this a long since I hope to do well in my first Handgun challenge this year, seems like an Elite group for GON but we need more contenders

I may also start a "Handgun workout" like Tybo ....:shoot::rofl:

Macon GA has an indoor range.........that is central to the whole state. I will check on rates or a group rate for us.

Here's the link: http://www.eaglegunrange.com/
I've been practicing while watching hunting shows and stuff... making the right shot, waiting on the right opportunity, etc...

Good idea though...
I'm about 2.5 hours from Brunswick, Chad but have family there so I'd have to see...

Macon wouldn't be a bad idea, but I'd opt for sometime a bit closer to season, or a bit cooler weather.... This July/August is HOT for this big ol' boy! :rofl:
Handgunner, if Macon is better for you...thats great. It is for me too. Abaco24 said he would be up for Macon as well.

Funny you say that it is to hot for big ol boys...One of the gals i work with is a social butterfly and likes to take her sweet time when we are out running errands with the hummer. I honk the horn, get on the loud speaker and tell her to hurry her carcass up because fat guys sweat in this heat and i HATE sweating!!! Works evey time, she comes a running...better than my retriever sometimes!!:bounce: I get down right cranky when i am hot and start to sweat.:smash:

Eddy M.

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I'm in a good shooting range in Pickens county but would need to check on the rules concerning guests
This would knock out a few folks...

Handgun caliber may not exceed .44 Magnum.
Any outdoor ranges up there that you know of? Public WMA's, etc...?
Looks like those ranges are member ranges, where you must join to shoot. I don't think they'll allow just a group of guys to show up and shoot. I could be wrong though...

What we need is a WMA with a shooting range.

Let me contact my cousin. He's in Milledgeville and he knows of a public range up there.


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Check out the link in my post, it looks in door, I haven't called them yet

I need at least 100 yards to really practice. 200 yards would be better so I could school all you pretenders! :whip:

Handgunner, I saw your post in the Firearms forum. I would be willing to drive a couple of hours to spend a good day at the range.