Hope SPRINGS eternal for the Granddaddy of all Go Dawgs thread #36

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Go Dawgs seeing a bright future in Athens!

Fromm was also going against the #1 Defense..
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What happened to the junior College transfer that held all kinds of return yardage?

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GO DAWGS looking forward to opening day!
Go Dawgs!

Got home just a little while ago. Unpacked and ready to rest!
Go Dawgs!

Had a blast in Athens. Loved hearing the granddaughter yelling Go Dawgs everywhere we went.

Funny thing happened when we checked Into our Motel. The young lady at the counter ask what we were doing in Gainesville for the weekend, my wife told her we were going to G day...... girl was like what's that........ I was like you're not from around here are you....... girl was like no sir and hung her head. I am sure she will remember what G day is next time due to the number of Dawgs that were staying there.
Disappointing. ^

Go Dawgs!
#1 D gave Jake fits for sure and messed his rhythm up some, but 1. No commitment to the run became the style both sides played.
2 It became a mostly pass game with the 1’s bringing that obvious pass play hard it’s a pass type rush.
Fromm also suffered from a few drops where he put the ball there and on time. Also the 1’s know the plays well.
Fields looks like the real deal.
Go Dawgs!

It was great to see a little football! !!!
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