Hope SPRINGS eternal for the Granddaddy of all Go Dawgs thread #36

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Go Dawgs!

Hunting deer over corn is overrated, it's best to be about 15 yards away from the corn. Then it's not like shooting fish in a barrel!

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Saturday is for the Dawgs !!
Dawg days of the fall.
^ Dude never sleeps! He's always patrolling the halls at night. Oh wait! :)

GO Early Morning Rising Dawgs and Never Sleeping Dawgs!


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how did you boys fare.
51° here right now as 7 AM in the morning. just got out of bed I had to go fetch yesterdays mail. i'm going to make coffee for my sweet woman and my boy and cook breakfast and put some wood on the fireplace. y'all have a great day and roll Tide
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Go Dawgs headed to Miller County tomorrow to bury the Best Dawg, I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Thanks to Jerry, I got to meet some guys like Charles Grant, Brandon Miller and Phillip Daniel. RIP Mr Jerry.
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