Hump day suppa.


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Looks goot'!

Bet I could souge down on a few of them. :cheers:

Mater' and sour cream works on just about anything!

Did you make/form the chip bowl?


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Salmon Tonight

Good looking taco salad Moonpie!

I did cedar planked salmon and some asparagus on the grill tonight. Had some toasted French bread and more of the flash fried arugula as well. Made up a quick lemon-dill-caper sauce to go along with it too.



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Looks Great Moon!!!!!!!!!!!!

My daughter whipped this up for us. Poke chops with blue cheese crumbles, fried green beans and maters and mashed taters.



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Stinking sammich. But it was Boars Head.
Well then.

We now know the "other" guy on here that has money, besides elfiii. :cool:

Charlie's Pride roast beef from walmarks is good
and not to hard on the wallet. ;)

Boar's Head is really good!

These plates are killing me.

Prolly going to fling one tomorrow night.
Beef ribs tonight. We had to leave mid cook and put them on hold for a while. I was afraid they would burn before we could get back if I left them on.

Still turned out pretty good!



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Good Lord!

Ya'll are fixin' some fine looking plates
fo' sho'!
Outstanding meals tonight guys!!!
Moon that bowl looks tasty.
ryork, beautiful tasty looking meal as always.
Pay, your daughter whipped up a GREAT looking meal.
Longhorn, Beef ribs look great!!
Leftovers here.


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Yep Big7,we bake them in the oven draped over a form. Great looking salmon Ryork. Pay tell your daughter awesome plate! Haven't cooked any beef ribs lately Longhorn 16. Cravin flung! Bout time for some sketti round here also Dfhooked. Salad looks goot too!