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Far above in God's Heaven, there on God's Throne, the Glorified Saviour appears for his own.

For all who are trusting in his death on the tree, because I'm trusting he appears there for me.

Nothing by nature can I reckon or claim, all by God's mercy all in Christ name.

He rich in glory became poor for my sake, of his divine nature by faith I partake.

Christ suffered at Calvary, he died there for me, to save me from judgement and now I am free.

From God's wrath I'm delivered by his infinite grace, because the Lord Jesus was judged in my place.

Yea Christ is my Saviour, my Lord and my Head, I'm one with Christ Jesus and with him I'm dead.

But with him I'm living for Christ lives in me, this is life eternal, in Christ Jesus tis free.

By God's Holy Spirit I'm indwelt and sealed, till my Saviour in glory shall soon be revealed.

Baptized by God's Spirit into God's Blessed Son, because I'm trusting in what he has done.

Gods mighty power raised Christ to his throne, tis mine for the taking yea mine very own.

For with Christ I am seated where he is above, such is God's mercy, his grace and his love.

God's door of salvation is still open wide, by faith in Christ Jesus you may step inside.

You're not sure of tomorrow so do not delay, receive Christ as your Saviour and do it today.

Pastor J.C. O'Hair
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