Lanier - Deep Toads! (Pic Hvy)

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Lanier Jim

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Out today full day with Chris and his dad, Chuck. So here it is and I'm sure there will a shock value here...for the first time...No Drop Shot fish were caught! That's right...a ton of window shoppers, but couldn't get a drop shot fish! Now - here's what did happen....

We caught some studs today including some stripers...spoon and the "Hooch Gooch" A-Rig (available at Hammond's, Oakwood Bait & Tackle, and other tackle shops) did the damage...along with one Swimbait fish.

The morning started with spoon fish I found deep...we're talking 45'-50' in timber. We kept looking in areas for drop shot fish with no luck....then we headed to a new area and saw loons and gulls having a party....stopped quick and made long casts with the Hooch Gooch and swimbait. Chris hooks up on the HG and I have a monster hit the swimbait....over the channel in 75' of water!

Moved on...dropped a little with no luck...eased into some 50' timber again....sure enough, studs were there! Boated 4-5 big fish on the spoon including a solid 4# largemouth and a 4.8# spot.

Another place, Chuck picked up the Hooch Gooch and is slow rolling deep again...back to back solid fish with a solid 4.5# largemouth...then we boat more on the spoon.

Ended the day with 15-16 total with some toads. Now - you guys know I'll talk trash and have some laughs....these two made me look calm! Fun day for sure and even ran in to Jimbo again for some additional trash talking. Out again tomorrow....hope to see you other there. LJ


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Lanier Jim

Senior Member was a fun but a grind. I had to hunt them....hit a ton of places looking for active fish.
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I assume you can....they sell them at Hammond's, Oakwood, Sherry's, and other places.