McEntire Rd

This was my first time hunting dove ever, so you can take my report with a grain of salt, but this is from my thread lower on page.

Well... It went...
Met some good guys, and had a good time killing the clouds. I didn't scratch a bird though. Mostly from me being rusty at shotgunning, and inexperienced at dove in particular.

The shoot it's self wasn't what I expected. Seemed slower than what I thought would be. In 4 hours I think I shot roughly 15-18 shots at maybe 8 birds. I have no previous experience to compare it to, but what the other people were saying was that the field is not prepped worth a flip. It's all ~5' standing corn, 1 field had a road cut and a couple lanes but that was it. The 2nd field didn't even have that, and everything was THICK. Of the few birds I saw shot at least half weren't found and the others took forever to find. That said, the farmer could have gone in today and fixed everything up and it's perfect for hunt 2&3. Who knows ?
I wish I would have seen this post last night...
I'm here now, and I drove 2 hours to find a field of STANDING corn! This is not a dove field! They could have at least cut some rows. I saw maybe 15 birds, all singles. Wasted trip!
That being said, if it gets cut,or chopped, and or burned it produce.