Monroe County hogs

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Are there a lot of hogs in monroe county. We hunt near tobesofskee creek, in what would be a great habitat, and have no sign of hogs in the past 20 years. So, are they around?


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Razorback may know.. I seem to recall he's from those parts... ::huh:
Tobo Creek

I have hunted up and down the Tobesofkee Creek, Monroe and Bibb county on four different tracts of land. If you're in Monroe county, I'm afraid you're missing the hogs. As far as i know, the hogs start prolly 2-3 miles down stream of Lake Tobesofkee. This would be about 1/2 mile from where it goes under Hwy 80 in Bibb county. Right around where the creek goes under I-475 it is loaded with hogs. That area kinda mingles with the Ocmulgee River Flood Plain. I have hunted Tobo Creek above the lake on the North side of Hwy 74 and never seen any such hog sign. We ride 4 wheelers when deer season is out back behind the state prison on Fulton Mill Rd all the way up to the creek and it is loaded with pigs there. Like i say, the hogs start about a 1/2 mile from where the creek and Hwy 80 meet. I have hunted the land between 475 and 75 (40 acres) right on the creek, and that is a deer or hog paradise.