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I have searched the forums on the fishin the Okefenokee but came up with a few questions. I am planing on going down mid-September.

1) Do you need to pay any special fees to fish down there? (I have a Ga. lifetime sportsman's license)

2) Where can I park my truck for 2 days and not have it stolen/towed?

3) Are you allowed to fish the whole swamp? Does any body has links to maps of the swamp where you can fish?

4) I have found the common fish species @ this website: http://www.fws.gov/okefenokee/Common Fish of the Okefenokee.pdf
Are there any cats besides yellow and black bullheads in the swamp?

5) Does anybody know the firearm laws as the reguard to the swamp?
1- no special fees 2- plenty of parking 3- impossible 4- no 5- not sure on tha one. 6- plenty of mosquitos and fishing is slow and difficult . good luck and watch out for the lizards.


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Thanks I did some more checkin and found out that the firearm laws depend on if its Ga or Fed. land


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Went down there in May. Fishing was slow. Caught a few big bream and some cat. No jackfish like they said was so good. No bass at all. Warden says the bass all died after the fire. Stayed at Stephan Foster park. Good place to camp. Left the boat at the dock at night. No problems. Do need a relyable source of fishing info before I drive 3 hrs one way to fish again. Talked to some regulars there, said it had been slow to 0 for a while. Yet the park folks said by phone they's jumping in the boat. Must be that $$$ for rev. Could be a good trip but check it out good afore you go.


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Yet the park folks said by phone they's jumping in the boat. Must be that $$$ for rev.
They do. If you canoe some of the canoe canals (trails, whatever they call them), you will have fish jump in the boat. Happened on multiple occasions, years apart, when my scout troop goes down there. Funny as anything when one scares a 45 year old adult half to death and back.


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Went down there last year and did not catch anything...wife caught a Warmouth. Was nice riding around though..it was cooler when we went down there. It was nice riding around there. Also theres a 10 or undr HP limit. Theres some cool camping out in the middle of the swamp but you have to canoe or kayak to it. I enjoyed it but it was only bout an hour and some change for me to drive down there.