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Does anybody know if this place is still open? I'd love to go fish here if it is, as it's only two miles from my house. I've lived in WR since '93 and never heard of it until now in '12. PLEASE tell me it's still open and productive.


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same here, has anyone been here lately. is it still open? has it been cleaned up any?
I lived in Warner Robins from '74 until '05. I grew up less than 2 miles from those ponds. They have always been very shallow and overgrown with weeds and lilly pads. As kids we used to sneak back there with crickets and a cane pole and bream fish (back when it was not open to the public) but hardly ever caught anything. Back then 70s-late 80's was always very snakey and never really could relax and enjoy fishing for having to watch for snakes....and there were some big cotton mouths and other water snakes back there. Haven't been back there in over a decade and until this post, had forgotten they were even there.
Just got back from driving by Pike's Ponds. Just viewed the ponds from the street. No Trespassing signs all along fence line, but they do appear to be open for business. The entrance gate was open. And the sign states, $5 per person, $2 per boat, $2 a pound for whatever you keep (first 2 pounds free), open Monday-Saturday 9 AM-?, no minnows, no alcohol, persons and vehicles subject to search. And there is a small orange box to place payment. The front catfish/bream pond looks more like a swamp than a pond. The other ponds seemed to have quite a bit of vegetation, but they did have some open water areas. And there were quite a few geese out there. Again, I only viewed the ponds from the street, so they may be better or worse once you get up close. I still may try these ponds in a couple weeks.
I just got back from there. I drove in just to look around. All i can say is TRASH!!!! I cant belive they would charge that much to fish there. I would fish Houston lake before i would fish that place,and we all know how great Houston lake is. Dont waist your time or money!!!
I just got back from there. I drove in just to look around. All i can say is TRASH!!!! I cant belive they would charge that much to fish there. I would fish Houston lake before i would fish that place,and we all know how great Houston lake is. Dont waist your time or money!!!
I was hyped about this place I read this comment.. :mad:
Does anybody know the owner or how to get in contact with the owner to maybe ask what his plans are for the ponds? Are the ponds in bad shape because of the economy, or is he in bad health and can't keep them in good condition because of his health? During these hard economic times, I would hate to bad mouth anybody's business because of health or old age. If he is in bad health, he very possibly could get some military folks to volunteer and help him out. When I was in the military, I often volunteered to help folks in need. These ponds seem to be very un-known even to locals. I never heard of them until now, 19 years later. I've talked to several people in their 40s+ that have lived their entire lives in WR, and they have never heard of them. But they could be very educational for young children since they are so close to WR. If it weren't so over grown with weeds and Geese, it could be a very nice place to take kids to fish and learn about nature only a few miles from most WR schools. It is located in North WR a few hundred yards west of the old Houston County Fairgrounds. If it's run down because of the economy, folks coming here and fishing would make the owner some money to invest in the ponds. This would be great for the kids of WR. It would be dreadful if this place was closed. It has so much potential to help kids enjoy the outdoors instead of drugs and alcohol. By the way, they don't allow alcohol on the ponds.
If you or anyone else get any word about the situation of the ponds and they happen to be in bad shape due to illness/old age of the owner/operator or what have you.. I would like to help out in whatever way I can..
I made a trip out to this pond last Friday. The earlier posts are true with respect to price and hours…..They are also pretty accurate with respect to condition. I think the place is in rough shape. I don’t think the cattish pond even exists anymore.

The levees are well maintained and appear to be regularly mowed. So its pretty easy to walk around. Fair warning though this place is quite large and there is no driving on the levees so be prepared to walk. As it stands this is not a place I would bring young kids to teach them the joys of fishing….There are much better pay ponds for that.

Let me caveat the rest of my post with a couple of things. 1) I’m a mediocre fisherman at best. I marvel at most of the fishing stories on here. 2) Most of my experience is with rivers or lakes. I’ve not really fished a lot of ponds like this one.

Anyway….The ponds appear to be extremely low to me. I have no idea what the water level was in 09 but I can’t help but think it is a mere fraction of that now. There are some old docks that are on dry ground. And the water is many feet below the overflow drains. The ponds are almost completely overgrown with lily pads and grass. I mainly focused on the back two (far north) ponds. I felt like I was very limited where I could fish because of the over growth. The back east corners of each pond were the only spots I could cast into. But keep in mind a trained fisherman might have no trouble with lily pads…Me personally I need somewhat clean water to cast into.

I started off fishing for Brim/Crappie. I tried crickets, wrigglers, and beetle spins. I worked from the edge of the lily pads back to the bank. I got no bites or anything….I switched to bass fishing and tried a variety of frogs, crayfish and some crank baits. Again I got nothing.

I know without a doubt there are some MONSTER BASS in the big lake. I saw at least two huge bass come up and do a belly flop. I really don’t know if I believe there are any brim left.

I’m not giving up after one bad day. There is a lot more area to cover and I live like 10 minutes away. I spend 5 dollars in gas to get to most of my fishing spots so I figure it is worth a few more tries.

I did see the owner out and about. But I was to far away to get to him in time to chat. My guess is that the sorry state of the ponds has more to do with lack of rain than anything. I’m all about offering some help to the owner but I’m not sure what we could even do.

One last thing. I’m from up north where water moccasins aren’t a big concern. Do moccasins get out on lily pads and sun? I’m thinking about putting my kayak in here but you would have to paddle through at least a hundred yards of lillys…..I don’t really want to deal with snakes.
I was told today that these ponds were in bad condition last year because the owner had died. But this year his family started to take care of them again and it looks a lot better. I haven't been a le to stop by and see this with my own eyes though. Hope to stop by next Monday to verify this.
I just went by Pikes ponds today. Place is still very rough. The back left pond looks to be in the best shape considering it is full of lilly pads, the front middle pond looks like a swamp, I could not see the back right pond from the road, but the cleanest looking pond to me was the front right pond. No sign of life anywhere on the property and the gate was locked. Signs are still up though. . .not sure why gate was locked unless the owner locks up if no one is there to keep a check on things. Would love to take my kids over there to do some bream fishing, but except for that 1 pond, it looks a little too snakeish to be toting a 3 & 6 y/o in there. . .
Talked to Mr. Pike last week. He said the ponds are closed for now, until he can get insurance and re stock the ponds. He said he expects to be open by the end of May. His number is 478-923-0110, he said to call before going to the ponds to be sure he's open. He also said he had to clean and mow around the ponds.
I'll start by saying I found this forum while searching the internet for ponds in Middle Georgia. I have lived in Warner Robins since the mid 60's and never heard of Pike's Ponds. I have a college age son and he wants to do some fishing. I haven't fished for many years, last week we cleaned up a couple of poles and put on some fresh line.

We spent this morning fishing at Walker's Pond in the heart of WR, near the old mall. Afterwards we drove over to Pike's Ponds. Most of the ponds are overgrown with lily pads. the small pond nearest the gate looked fishable.

Here's a few pics (I hope this part works).

I was happy to see this thread starting back up..I should be relocating back to WR area sometime this spring, and need to catch up on accessible pond opportunities..We had lived there from 00-12, until being transferred to Marietta..Previously we had a nice subdivision pond that I fished many, many times..Looking forward to launching my 9.5' pontoon (Colorado XT), with available trolling motor in other local ponds/lakes..Guidance/thoughts will be greatly appreciated..
Just fyi, the sign says $5.00 per person per day.THE 1ST 2 POUNDS ARE "FREE". THEN THERE'S A "CATCH FEE" OF $2.00 PER POUND. SOOO, THOSE 2 -4 POUNDERS WOULD SET YOU BACK $17.00 . NO THANKS !
I drove over there today.