Replacing bow string

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My 6 year old Bear isnt grouping accurately and feels spongy on draw so im thinking its time for a new string and cable. question is would you let a bow shop make a string? or go with ( im thinking vaportrail) a bought string set and have the shop install it ?
I'd also buy online, but I'd recommend Jeff at JBK bowstrings. Vaportrail is overpriced IMO. They make great strings but I don't see the need to pay double for the same quality. Just be prepared for the shop to charge you a fair amount to do the install and get it back to spec and in tune.
+2 on JBK. I have my second set on the way from him now. They are great strings and are very affordable. The two links that Brewskis posted are great resources to review if you're the DIY kind. I've found that stringing a bow and tuning requires a lot of patience but is very rewarding and worth it in the end. Best of luck!