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Hey Guys and Girls,

The Cherokee Gun Club is having their monthly sporting clays shoot next Saturday. What I am looking for is a handicapped shooter who can shoot a shotgun but can get around well enough to shoot sporting clays with me. I can't walk but I can get around in a golf car, get out and get on the station (with some help). If you are in a wheel chair but can get up like me would you like to join me?

The gc has only one handicap station. I shoot this station from a bucket. Don't worry about how good you shoot. I am not too good myself. I shoot a 28 ga. so now you know why I am handicapped in more ways than one. The fee is $30. Bring lunch and something to drink. Glasses and Ear protection is required. The first qualified person to respond will be chosen.
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Closing Request

Since no one is interested I am closing this request. Thanks for looking.