Tagged out.

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On bucks anyway. Had been a slow season for me. But last week I packed a stand in and hung it. 15min I had this spike come in. (I hadn't had many chances this year so it was a green light on anything.) He fed into 10 yards or so and gave me a shot. The arrow went good and the buck ran maybe 35yards before crashing.

10min later I had a doe working in, at 20 yards she gave me a shot but I had other deer coming I could hear. So I passed on it only to find out it was a button and small buck. She's still close so I kept trying for a shot, then I caught movement to my left. Here he came, a nice long beamed 10. He came up to chase the other buck off then turned to leave. At 23yards he gave me a hard quartering away shot. I drew, picked a spot and let it fly. The arrow went in at the bucks back hip and lodged in its off side shoulder. He crashed off only to go maybe 80yards. Ended the afternoon with a nice mixed match double. And being tagged out till I go to Kansas next week. Any how thanks for reading. And safe hunting.



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I know a lot of gun hunters who would be real proud to bag a buck like yours, and you did it with a trad bow! Congratulations on good shooting and good decisions.


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That's awesome Gerad!!!!:clap: You are such an accomplished outdoorsman in so many realms. I wish you the best of luck in Kansas but I expect you will not need it. :)
Awesome! Congratulations on a great Buck and an exiting hunt! Thanks for taking us along, and good luck in Kansas!