Three Bucks


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Three different bucks I caught on trail cam within the span of a week. I also caught a six pointer in the same series of photos. Looks like the bucks are beginning to grow restless!

:clap: :D



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I guess the haze in this photo is fog:



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Nice photos

I'm trying to learn to age deer better on the hoof. What would you say Leadoff; Bucks 1 and 3 are 3.5yrs. Buck 2 is 2.5yrs?

Could all 3 be 3.5yrs?


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Junebug, I'd say #1 may be a good 2.5 possibly 3.5, he has a relatively pointed nose still and a fairly flat tummy. #2 looks 2.5 and #3 looks 3.5.

#2 at 4.5 will be a "*BADWORD*"!!! Don't shoot him! :D


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I agree. #2 is definitely a young looking buck. 1 and 3 look to be a little more mature, especially #1.
You can tell you live near farm country. All those stickers is a good indication they have been eating soybeans or peanuts. Keep posting pics if you get anymore and good luck this year!!


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Nice pics leadoff

Thanks for sharing them with us :)