1840 Frontier Festival at Chehaw Park in Albany


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Went to the gathering yesterday.
Nick taught me how to make fire with flint and steel! May never use' nother match long as I live. Nick if you see a glow on the horizon S of you it'll be me practicing!
Thanks again.
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Bill Mc

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Yes, I missed some folks alsol I just stayed around the dry scrape area.


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I was there until 1;00 Sat. Met a bunch of great folks finally put faces with names.Dean and BillMc. did a great job showing the kids how to dry scrap and make cordage and bow strings.Hope Ben if feeling better.Nick was a busy man Sat a.m.


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I’ve got to make it down there one year.


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Me,the wife,and little girl went Sunday, talked to Nick a while and saw Ben. Wish I could have put some more names with faces. We'll be at the Indian festival if I'm not working.

Great to spend some time with ya`ll, and that jerky is forevemore GOOD! :cheers:
I hate I missed it...I always enjoy seeing Ben and the crowd...came home Friday evening with a fever...finally got out of bed around noon and headed to Convenient Care...they sent me to the ER...spent most of Sunday recovering.

save me some jerky


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I saw a few old friends , mainly I got a hug from Keebs and Tommi ….