1Kneefishing in St Mark's...

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...just joking, seriously.
Rolled on down here to meet up with Browning Slayer and our buddy Michael for a weekend of fishing...
Travel day (Thursday) we hid from the wind and the fish hid from us!
Today the wind was a lot calmer in the morning but still hit us pretty hard in the afternoon. We brought in about six or seven keepers and lost several right at the boat!
Mirrodines, live shrimp on popping corks and jig heads where the baits of choice...
Today (Friday) IMG_20190322_095427.jpg image.jpg image.jpg


Slayer even hooked up with a nice mermaid at the Riverside Cafe Thursday night, but this morning she turned out to be a sea cow! We took her down by the river to let her loose but she hung around until Slayer promised her he would write...


The three of us will be back out had it tomorrow, and I am staying through Sunday to fish with another friend who will be down for the day...
We'll have to complete this report in a day or so!


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Beautiful! Water looks good and the fish are cooperating. If it stays calm enough this is a great time of year to hit some hard bottom out around the 24 Barge for some Black Sea Bass and trolling stretch 25s could get you one of those Gags. Have a great time.
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...just joking, seriously.
Beautiful day, but a little slower today. I don't know how Slayer can make a (small but) keeper flounder look like a small sandwich!:huh:
At least he didn't catch the most and the biggest fish today!
Maybe he had his mind on that sea cow all day! I'm sure we will hear from him shortly...:bounce: image.jpg image.jpg
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...just joking, seriously.
Sunday morning with my other local buds was pretty good... Never had to leave the East River!
Yep, pompano on the oyster bars! image.jpg
I wish I could have taken home some of that chicken of the sea for myself, but I got me this dinner table size red. 26 and 1/2 "! On a jig head and a white Gulp swimming mullet. image.jpg
image.jpg image.jpg

Now to get some meat home to Mama and cook'em up!


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Gettin' er done! I'm ready to switch from fixing up after Michael to chasing dem fish really really bad.

Browning Slayer

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Gettin' er done! I'm ready to switch from fixing up after Michael to chasing dem fish really really bad.
The Devastation that happened to the Fish Camp almost pushed the end of it. They had to replace everything. In everything. Glad to see it back and running full strength! Made reservations for 3 more trips this year.
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...just joking, seriously.
End of a thread...
Cooked up about half of the fish fresh and froze the other half...and four other people went home with as much fish as I did. IMG_20190327_191332.jpg
Couldn't even eat it all, left a couple or three large pieces for leftovers tomorrow. IMG_20190327_193048.jpg

And WoW!
Could be the end of an era, also...
Looking back, it looks like I started fishing St Mark's with Browning Slayer two springs ago in '17. seems like a dozen trips or so later, I am looking back...
The inexpensive accommodations, old Florida lifestyle, and fishing with great friends have made this old fish camp kind of a second home to me. It seems like everybody knows everybody 'round here and is one big happy family...
But now I have set myself up with a travel trailer on property close to Pensacola Bay, and now have a free fish camp at my wife's kin folks' place. I will be fishing Pensacola area much more in the immediate future...
I still have nearly monthly plans through the summer here at St Mark's, but it is now time to take up primary saltwater ambitions in Pensacola...
And, I just have to acknowledge what a good friend Browning Slayer can make. I know he can be quite the pariah on the forum, but I can tell by my 2-year friendship with him and by the company of people that also call him friend, that he has what it takes to be one... Even my wife likes him!

P.S.- I also have to give a shout out to my wife, who cooks my fish and loves me.
At the end of this meal, she pushed her plate back and said, " Honey, you're going to have to go fishing more often!"
I love her!