Cedar key 12-5


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Had the opportunity to fish with Jimbo at saltwater assassin out of cedar key this week, I am very judgemental of charter people, but I put Jimbo and family in the same grouping as I do Asa Martin, good as gold. We took customers and salesmen down for a 2 boat trip this week, I can tell you one thing we learned for sure, don't take customers to the big deck and expect good service for supper.

But regardless the fishing was good and Jimbo had us on the fish the next morning and a great time was had by all.

Trout were chewing, reds were chewing

Black drum were chewing

A good time was had by all

Thankfully steamers was open for supper that night and we had an awesome meal with great service. Now we did get up the next morning with the intent of doing a half day, the weather sucked we fished till 10 caught a few keepers and decided 2nd Street Cafe for brunch sounded like a better idea.

This was my first trip to cedar key and it was neat fishing among all the little islands. It's only 15mins further from my house vs steinhatchee so I may actually take my boat down in 24 and find out just how good my navionics plus really is.

Anvil Head

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Who'd you leave holding the anchor......kidding of course. Nice catch.