2023 Oglethorpe County

Triple C

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Happy New Year fellow OC’ers! Tally for the year:
1 button head. 1st kill for my 8 yr old grandson.
2 bucks.
0 doe.

Going on a doe killing mission this coming weekend with a few kids n dads down. Brooks counted 26 deer in largest field 2 weeks ago on an afternoon sit. Been lazy about shooting doe this year.

I’m 0 for 3 with trad bow this year. Yep…0 for 3. I sucked.

Hunted the least I ever hunted this season. Thought I would be retired by now but yet to pull the trigger. Life was busy.

Overall - more deer now than we’ve ever had.



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Happy New Years to all of you. Too bad the dawgs are not playing today. Regarding getting together, we should probably plan a get together before Thanksgiving. I am retired and live outside of Winterville so most days work for me. Arrow3 look for a green TR21 Triton when fishing Russell or Clarks Hill, I usually fish twice a week end of Feb into the end of May. Maybe I will try to learn how to crappie fish this year.

Funny thing about Turkeys, I see plenty on our property during deer season. Then they seem to vanish in February. No one really hunts them on our 800 acers.

All in all this was a really good deer season, although we only took three deer by choice. As of this week we had four really healthy potential 2.5 bucks still coming to plots and feeders. I am done hunting. Everyone, take care.
I offer crappie fishing advice when taken turkey hunting :rofl: ... Just sayin'