2nd chance at the doe I missed........

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Came in at 5:02, stayed within 20 yards feeding on acorns for 28 minutes until I was able to get a shot. 18 yards slightly quartering away. Exit hole was center of offside shoulder. Watched her run 40yards up the hill and turn for a death run straight down. Watched her fall, she died 40yards from the tree. 3C8061FE-35C7-4D74-A60E-E5DA9ABAEC6C.jpeg D51933B1-462A-4AF8-A729-D002E9B47D22.jpeg 039D8D94-FB2E-4218-AE8F-0AE7876C8A56.jpeg 59743DE1-A713-4541-87EA-E7D35E3EA717.jpeg E27FCFDC-DCD1-4E05-83BB-54F789AC13AB.jpeg
Way to go brother!!!!!

Meat in the freezer!!