Allatoona Report - 6-8 thru 6-12 PIC HEAVY!

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Lake level - Full pool
Water Clarity - Clear
Surface Temp - 84+ degrees

Out on several trips this week and the striper/hybrid fishing has been very good! The bite is strongest in the early morning. Focus on main lake points & pockets in the 25ft to 40 feet depth zone from Galt's Ferry to the dam. Surface activity will be your clue. Use down-lines & free-lines with threadfin shad or small gizzard shad 18ft to all the way on the bottom (pay attention to how deep the fish are on your graph then set your bait at that level). The usual mid-lake areas have been producing good numbers and the bite will only get better.

The late bite (last couple hours of daylight) is pretty good too. You can catch a bunch of white bass around the Illinois Creek area throwing Rooster Tails and small Rattle Traps.

Here are a few pics from the past week.
I hope y'all catch em good!




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Great report. Thanks
I took my son and some friends out yesterday and caught 6, but action was slow. Started at Kellog and water about an hour there before we headed further south like you said and found a few.
Appreciate the reports!


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Thanks for the report! I wish we could have used your report to help us on the lake yesterday but at our usual bait catching spots we would only net baby shad. So then we couldn't fish.
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Great report and excellent pictures man. A lot of smiles in those pics which tells the story!!!

Thanks for sharing it with us!