Altamaha Report 6-8


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Had a great time on the river today. There was a slight bait problem, I didn't have any crickets, None of the bait shops I called had any, but I did find some really good big jumpers at Lyons Open Air store.

i was on the water at 7 a.m. and headed for one of my lake starting points. In the lake I use a 12 pole and #5 hook rigged Carolina style, fishing on bottom. Well, after and hour I had only caught three fish, 3 big mud fish. Time to try the river.

Next stop, my #4 river spot. I baited up two reels and fished for 15 minutes, no bites. Now I headed to the #3 spot, same thing, no fish, what's wrong. I know the river is falling out fast but I didn't expect this.

The next stop was down river in the deep water, well really above the deep water. I had caught fish here last week. A big tree had fallen in the river and I tied on to the top about 14 ft. from the bank in the current. The first line had hardly hit the bottom before I had a hard bite. Fish on and let me tell you it put a smile on my face when I pulled up a big channel cat. I felt good.

I was fishing on both sides of the boat. The channel side was getting the most bites. The bank side was getting the most eels. I hate eels I caught 5. Like the mud fish I shot them in the head. If they had been big enough I would have kept them and made Altamaha Scollps out of them, the big ones do eat good, battered and fried. I did pick up a few bream on the bank side but the channel side was were the action was.

By 12:30 I was ready to head back to the boat ramp and to the house. All in all it was a good day, the Lord blessed me with 17 good size channel cats and 12 bream, bigger than my hand and 3 that were as big as I have seen and if the Lord wills it I will be back at the river tree in the morning.


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Love to read your stories. Fun times on the river.

Always wanted to fish the mighty A but never had the chance.

A couple of guys I used to work/fish with said they wanted to go. We kept planning trips but somebody always backed out because of mostly money. We were supposed to take one of their old glass boats and my 18 ft. Tracker, 2 men to a boat. Fishing during the morning and evenings and running limb hooks for big Flatheads the rest of the time. Oh well...

I wish I had just went by myself.
Sold my boat and don't really have one big enough to fish a river that big now.

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