Alligator Guide Recommendations

Zone 6 or 7

I definitely recommend Ryan Beasley with Beasley's Alligator Guide service. I hunted with him in zone 6 last year. Saw tons of gators but had my mind set on an 8+ footer. Ended up with one just under 10 foot. Ryan knows gator hunting and he has guided hunts for some monsters in zone 7. Give him a shout on Facebook or call him at 912-294-5211
I waited 6 years to ensure I would draw a tag and flew all the way from Kansas to hunt a gator. I was introduced to Jeff Keahey from a friend. Best thing I could have done. He took my phone calls and answered every question I had with an honest answer. I had my mind set on a 10ft gator and Jeff produced on the first night. Shortly after midnight on lake Seminole we had a 10ft 9inch gator in the boat and all on film. One of the greatest hunts of my life!! I plan on going hunting with him again the next time I draw a tag, hands down top notch guy and guide. Give him a call. You will not be disappointed. Freedom 22
I would recommend Jeff Keahey to anybody going to Eufaula he is a great guide. This guy has the knowledge and the setup to get the job done. We hunted with him last year and filled a tag in 30 minutes with a 13 footer. Give him a call at 770-315-5528 you wont be disappointed.


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As already stated multiple times, Jeff and Chris are great. I am
2 for 2 with 1o plus footers on Eufala. 1st was in 2011
And again last night. I really appreciate you guys. I have hunted all over the world and these 2 stack up with any guide I have ever hunted with, no matter the game hunted.
I'll Be back with them as soon as I can draw another tag.
I would suggest Donny "Gatorman" Bartow. He is one of the few officially state licensed nuisance alligator trappers and he's been doing it for over 15 years. So, he has access to plenty of bodies of water including private land.

He's guided everyone from the average hunter to NBA stars and is friends with people like Liz from Swamp People and the guys from Duck Dynasty.

Give Donny a call! With the season so short I don't know how many dates he still has available! 229-251-9929

Got to hunt Monday night with Gary Fry and his helper Dalton down at Ray's Mill Pond in zone 4. We saw a ton of alligators and had a great time. He worked really hard to find me one that was in the range I was after. Unfortunately, I missed twice on two good ones, completely my fault, but I had a great time, probably one of the most exciting things I've ever done. I wish I'd booked earlier in the year so I had time to get another night in before the season runs out.

I really can't speak highly enough about Mr. Fry, this was my first time using a guide for anything, and will definitely book with him again.
Early this week I had the opportunity to be guided by Chris Blackmon and I agree that he is first class in every respect. Chris is a great guy, and a great guide. I took a really nice 11' 8" 'gator which is a trophy of a lifetime for me. If I live to draw another tag, Chris will be my guide.
I hunted with Jeff Keahey this season and he is a great guide. He definitely goes above and beyond and works hard to get your Alligator. I took my first gator with him on Seminole Early Friday Morning and I couldn’t be happier. Jeff’s number is 770-315-5528.
hopefully with moderators approval I can post this without violating any rules.

First 1:I just want to say thank you to all of the kind words, but the main reason for this post is to clarify that myself and Chris NO longer hunt together. I had many clients call and ask if GAG (Ga Alligator Guides) is the same as Chris aka redneck1, The answer is No, we did hunt together for many seasons and I have nothing negative to say about him. We just have differences in opinion like most people, he is actually my cousin and he is a good guide. So if the moderators will allow this post, my only intent is to clear up the confusion because so many people hunted with both of us together for years.
Thank you in advance and I look forward to 2020!
Jeff Keahey
aka Freedom 22