August: Always an Exciting Time

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Coach K

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Fixing little odds and ends on the dog topper.
Getting out the thrower and "snap shooting" boxes of clays.
New set of tires on the rig.
FAVORABLE bird # forecasts!!
Putting a few extra miles of roading on the crew.
Readying gps & e-collar equipment.
Young pups entering their 2nd year.
"T" setting his sights on his 11th season.
The crew seeing a lot more nervous pigeons.
If they take that one extra step, that bird is GONE!

Wild bird camps are right around the corner and it fills me
with a nervous energy of pulling everything together without
having to rush. Another upland bird season is approaching
like the dawning of a new sun over the horizon.

Have the time of your life folks!
Be safe! And, enjoy those dogs
doing what they were bred for.

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