Back in the game! Help needed.

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Hey everyone! Ive decided to switch back to the longbow after many years. Previously living in an apartment didnt allow me to practice enough so I put the bows in the closet. Ive got two bows that I need new arrows for and I need the correct brace height and all that. I know a little on how to do this but usually end up wasting money figuring it out. I live in north ga 30min north of atl. Is there a good trad store around here? Or anyone with time and knowledge that could help me out? One bow is a 47# @28" and the other is a 61# @28". My draw length is 27.5" I believe. Thanks in advance!


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You live close enough to warrant driving over to P&A Archery in Hiram. Paul has arrows of different spine you can shoot to see what flies best off your bow. He can then sell you what you need. Here's the link to his website:


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30 minutes North of ATL. Northwest or Northeast?
NGTA meets monthly in Gainesville. We have plenty of people who are qualified to help. Our next shoot is on August 5. This is also our last shoot of the 3-D season. There is a thread in this forum with all the particulars.
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If Marietta is close I have plenty of room to shoot and plenty of arrows to try so you can find out what flies best. You are welcome to drop by, just let me know.