Bass Pro Reward Points

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How many do you have? I've got 17302 ($346.04). It's taken me a year and 3 monthes to get them. Last September (03) I bought a Summit Viper Ultra with my points. Bass Pro loves me.



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I only have about 300 right now. I have them all the time and redeam them all the time. I do not stock up on them. Being as I spent about $10,000 at BPS last year I probably had a good many!
I don't give Bass Pro a dime.

I spend most of my equipment dollars with Cabela's- much better selection, service and price. If Cabela's opened a store in this area, Bass Pro would be closed in a month.

Their stores and staff are wonderful.

They have never disappointed me.
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Aggar Cabela's does have a lot better clothing and there service is top notch. I also order a lot of stuff from them. As far as price they are about the same. Cabela's does have better sales. Personally I've never had any problems with either. I wish there was a Cabela's around here.



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Hear Hear, we need one more large chain store to sell stuff cheaper than the little guys so we can run them all out of buisness. Isn't that free enterprise?

agarr - I'm right there with you.

I spend my money with Cabela's. Always had good products and great service. I use to spend a bunch of my money at Bass Pro until I tried Cabela's.
Every time I turn around bass pro is wanting to expire my points. Then the last time I tried to use them they told me I have not spent enough money to redeem my points. I think they told me I needed to spend 500.00 all together in getting my points to redeem my points. So I shop other places. I also went up there a couple of weeks ago and they were expensive as elmoelmoelmoelmo. Only time I see any good deals is during their special sales.


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I don't know who is shooting you that line. You can redeem as many points as you want to any time you want to. I have never had a problem. I don't think their prices are any higher than anywhere else. I won't drive way up there to just buy one thing though. I'd rather spend a little more and buy it around here and not drive that far. That being said I usually make the trip up at least once a month. I stock up when I go. I don't remember ever walking out of there without spending at least $500.00.
The double ladderstands i got were $79.88 each thats a great price i shop d&r sports, cabelas and bass pro. For optics i use several others that are a lot cheaper.


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As many of you know I do most of my hunting shopping at Satterfields or Outdoor Traditions. Having said that, I got the BPS credit card specifically to use for purchases for work. Heck, if I have to use a personal credit card for business purchases I may as well get something in return. Typically I will put around 7500 a year on the credit card. So far I have been able to get several treestands, arrows and what not else in the process. It is rare that I will spend my money in BPS unless it is with the points.

My experience with cabelas has been less than desireable. Either way, when dealing with either store you have to realize what you are getting into prior to shopping. No one in BPS, Cabelas, or Gander Mtn for that matter will ever work on any of my bows because I have yet to find anyone in any of the archery departments at any of the stores that have the knowledge of archery, bows, and bow gear that I have, and many would say I do not know anything. It is what it is, a decent place to pick up little things when time is short or I have gift cards or points to use. Last night I actually stopped by BPS to pick up a couple of doo dads and use a gift card I got for Christmas. I heard an archery department employee tell a customer that the Reflex Grizzly is really a 2003 Hoyt Ultratec, and tht all of the Reflex bows are last years top of the line Hoyts. Now, in truth, Hoyt is owned by Easton, the same company that owns Hoyt, and soe of the Reflex bows are discontinued Hoyts. however, none of them were the top of the line Hoyts. I could not stand it and had to correct the sales pitch. The individual bought the bow, so no harm no foul on my part.