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That Is an excellent group! I have never had the opportunity to handle one. I have seen a few reviews that are all very favorable. The styling is non traditional but who can argue with accuracy like that!

One thing I love about it is how you can adjust the trigger through the magazine bay without any disassembly of the rifle. Excellent design benefit.
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I also like that you can top load the rifle. Very rare for a box mag. I will say recoil is firm despite the "recoil management system" but it's a fairly light rifle. My first group was about 1.5", and this was my second. This was the previous owners set up, so I made no scope adjustments, etc.
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I changed scopes to a Bushnell Forge 3x15x50 and the rifle again repeated excellent performance. I attempted to shoot Hornady Precision Hunters from it as that's my go to hunting load. It hated them. Wouldn't shoot a 3" group. So I'll have to locate/try out some different hunting ammo for it. Maybe a 165 gr.


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It really seems to like the 165-168gr.

Hopefully you will soon get into a hunting load that it is happy with.

A nice light .308 bolt gun sure makes for a handy deer rifle.