"Bug out" packs?


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I wouldn’t buy a commercially put together bugout bag. Buy your own but don’t buy that until you think you have what your going to want in it to make sure you get one that will handle the load. Buy quality if you’ve gotten to the point you feel like “bugging out“ is what it’s come down to you’ll be thanking yourself for having quality stuff. 3-5 days of water and food for you then whatever else you think you’ll need. Each person should carry their own bag within reason obviously a small child can’t carry much gear.
I don't have a bug out pack, per se', but I do have a Maxpedition Gearslinger that would perform that duty. I hike frequently with it. It is extremely rugged, and has lots of pockets, lashing straps, etc. I keep gold panning gear in it, minimalist survival gear (water filter, first aid, fire starters, flashlight, etc., which is always with me while hiking, in case I see a stream that I want to pan, a cave or mine shaft, or if I get hurt or lost and have to sleep in the woods. It is big enough to turn into a highly mobile bug out bag, if I wanted to.

edited: I'm not sure which exact version I have, but it looks just like this: Gearslinger
Everyone needs a bugout bag. Grab it and gun of choice and be good to go for awhile. Don't wait to assemble it. Get it ready to go, use it, realize what you don't need and get rid of it, realize what you forgot and add it. Ammo, blade, saw, water filter, fire starter, cord, emergency blanket, compass, duct tape, first aid, etc. Fun stuff.


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I keep 2 sea bags full, one for me and one for the wife. first thing I put in each was firestarter, poncho's,survival blankets, fishing kit and snares.......Lots of other stuff but those were 1st...

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I know I`ll get various answers, and I have my own first choice, but what is the first, most important thing for you to have?
Assuming knowledge, I’d say a good knife.
I’ve kept one in my truck for going on 10 years now. The pack is made by 5.11 tactical and I put the contents together. The pack doesn’t stand out as military or even tactical. It could easily pass as a college students pack.
I think of it as more of a “get home bag”.