Caping a Turkey (including wings)- PIC HEAVY!!

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bout how long does it take to do that. I was never good at model building myself
For a straight up cape, it takes me about an hour to get it cut off the bird, fleshed out, and pinned on a board and borax poured on.
I let it sit and dry for a minimum of a month and a half before final mounting.
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This thread is now officially a sticky. I appreciate the kind words and hope you get the same satisfaction out of mounting your own capes and fans as i do.
This thread is being left open for members to add their tips, techniques, and suggestions.
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How long do you leave your salt on the cape, is it the same length of time as deer hide until all moisture is gone from the skin?
I don't know about deer hides, but yes, you want ALL moisture gone.
A minimum of 6 weeks and longer if you can stand it. Just make sure to check it every couple of days for the first week or so and remove clumps or bust them apart to keep fresh borax powder in contact with the skin. :)
I got a little jake the other day, but it was very sentimental to me because it was my 2 yr old sons first hunt ever and it was on public land with no blind.
I saw this thread and am glad I did because this is what I have done to my bird. And I am in the proscess of making a nice display for the cape to go on. I can't wait till mid march so the bird will be dry and ready for the wall. I'll post pics of finished product
very nice! I have caped them and have back to fan mount but never added the wings. I think it makes the whole display much better


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Thanks for sharing the how to, it looks fairly easy. I have been wanting to try and cape one but didn't know how. I think I will give it a try. This is a pic of a mount I done last year with my husbands bird.


Very interesting thread. Can you show how to preserve the feet whole with spurs. I think that would look really good but its probably difficult. I dried some feet/spurs and put on spent shotgun shells threaded with leather strips. I have no idea if just drying them over time was the proper way or not.....lost track of them after last divorce so I dont know how or if they lasted?
Ok everyone, So Saturday I killed my first bird with m good buddy. A double beard. I want to do the cape and everything like in this post. The only problem is I had a family death and caused me not be able to cape it yet, Monday night. Is ther anything wrong with me freezing it whole and doing the cape when I get time? I'm thinking that i have done this with a deer hide but not sure if its the same. Need some input please. Thank you in advance.
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Hi TJ,
First, Sympathy and thoughts for you and your family.
If it's not too late for your bird:
I have frozen a carcass after taking the breasts and leg quarters and then caped it later. Just try to stay away from your cape line of downy feathers running down the sides of the neck, back( just above wings)and ends at the tail above the thighs. If the head is bloody, then wrap it in a paper towel to keep blood from pooling on the neck feathers while it is freezing. Try to make sure the tail fan feathers are not crowded in the freezer and keep the carcass breast down and back feathers as neat as possible.
HTH, Robert