Crappie thread 2023


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Last year there was a thread people were adding catches to, figured I’d start up one for this year.

We went out for the first time today. Fished 3 hours before we had enough of the cold (we were under dressed and forgot gloves). Expected to find fish in 25-30’, but majority we caught were in 16’-18’. Boated around 45 fish (3 largemouth) and only 15 of the crappie were big enough to filet. Water temp was 50* and stained.941A2000-F8C1-4E21-9BA7-C402F9C2305D.jpeg817567D7-3052-4D07-87B3-8F568DD9474B.jpeg9A969566-9BE1-4AF1-BF07-45EE9CA7F0BA.jpeg136280E0-EBC8-410A-BEA4-1C1FA724B4CC.jpeg


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Here's a couple of 2 pounders from Seminole. We call them by their true name down here. Speckled perch. It won't be long till they move into the lily pads to spawn.



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Fished solo for about 4 hours yesterday. My favorite trolling spot had 3 boats in it when I got there (never seen anyone else trolling for crappie there) so I went in search of other fish. Picked up 1 or 2 in random spots. Never marked a concentration of fish I would want to go back to. Caught 23 crappie, 1 largemouth. Filleted 12. 179DCB90-7F2E-4C1F-8951-B1690340B239.jpeg


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Took the boat in yesterday for annual tune up and dropped of a couple seats to be re-upholsted. Headed to Tallahassee academy in about an hour to gear up. Fever setting in