Deer hunting with a 30-30?

I have never used a 30-30 but have used .32win spl which is very similar. Usually 150 gr works fine. Only use in deep woods. Open areas I use a .243 80-90gr. If deer is within 100 yds neck shot drops them in their tracks. Big bucks I shoot for the heart and follow trail 75-150yds for trophy. 243 to me gives a better chance for a second shot if necessary(can keep scope on deer at all times).


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Winchester 170 Gr. Power Points when I use it. I have a Teddy Roosevelt commemorative model that I gave to my Father for Christmas about 30 years ago. He used it for hunting and when he passed away in 1990, the rifle came back to me. That octaganol barrel makes it a bit hefty for a .30-30 but it shoots great when I do my part.