First fishing trip with my goddaughter!

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My oldest goddaughter, Elly, was in town for her birthday and the 4th of July. All year, she's been seeing photos of the fish I've been landing and the good times and camaraderie I've had. It turns out her favorite show is River Monsters, and she had her mother to ask if I'd take her fishing this weekend. Not wanting to take her out on Lanier with the holiday weekend, I knew I could take her to Allatoona for her first carpin' adventure. I must thank the Carpin' Crew and Maximus for the prior trips, as I knew right where to take her. It didn't take long, good thing as we only had 2 hours to fish, to get her first carp and 2 turtles. All were released unharmed.

God is great, as the pressure was on and he was sure a good time was had!! ::;

I cannot wait to get her back in town next year for her first adventure chasing linesides. This was definitely one of my most memorable trips of the year thus far!


Very nice indeed Fred! those memories are hard to beat in the game of life.
Very nice Fred! I'm sure she'll like chasing those stripers next time.


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That smile says it all, great job Fred!