Great morning....and only going to get better!

Lanier Jim

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What a day! Started off this morning on a trip with Dale and Jason....and these two ain't level
We've been out before and had a blast, today was just more of the same.

Started out with heavy I pulled in to a ditch near the ramp and it was loaded with bait and fish. My pattern the last week held true....Lanier Baits spoon, Damiki, and drop shot.

Fish were tight to the bottom most of the morning and you had to get them to move....I did this by using the Damiki rig while Dale and Jason had the spoons working. It happened several times....Damiki down....the fish would get curious....and hit. This would fire up the school and Dale and Jason would get hooked up on the spoon.

I'm still targeting ditches and there are some big schools in them. You just have to find the right one. Some of the ditches we checked had walls of bait 15' high...huge schools of bait...and you could see the fish in the bait or above/below them.

Lanier Baits Blue Lily and Melon Candy on the drop shot - but you had to cut it down to about 3".....the fish were on small bait today...I call them butter bean shad (threadfin)....about 2"-3" long.

Dale and Jason stuck fish all day....but with the water still around 61-62....we'd catch a couple then the school would move with the bait.
After Thanksgiving - when that water gets down to about 58 - the bait and fish will settle in to their winter homes and stay - not move around the area.

Ended the morning with 20 in the boat - We had to hunt them at times but got'em pretty good. No big toads with our best going around 3#....but no dinks either. All solid spots and fat! When I got home, Cory and I helped out a customer and rewired his dash unit. Got another boat here now to rewire some bow stuff. Worn out....LJ


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