Help with killing a bear


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Thank you for the info I have tried high low. When I run into people I ask questions what to look for are they hunting bear if not if they have seen them. I hunt the nf just all different places. When some tells me they have seen bear there I will look at the map and go to it. I think I have tried 5 different spots this year.
Stop worrying about where hikers see bears, and definitely be wary of where hunters claim they see bears. Go find a group of white oaks(or red oaks later in the season) that are dropping hard with fresh sign. Trails bulldozed and dimpled from paws. Fresh and old scat. Lapping is cool but they stop climbing when the acorns start falling on their own. I don’t really care where other folks have seen a bear. I want to be where they are eating and drinking. They can walk through any saddle once, but they will return to a good food source until it is exhausted or something drives them off. They also have to drink a lot of water when they are eating.
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Yes i figured out the water part this year mid October. I was up high and saw no sign so looked in my hunting app found where water was down low and found lot and lots of sign. Hunted it a few days and did not see a bear. When back thanksgiving weekend found old sign. I think it’s exciting to look for them. I do a lot of deer hunting so I’m not interested in the deer up there just he bear