Heres the story guys

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Hey guys my dad told you I might tell ya'll the story of my first deer. It was Dec. 21 of last years deer season. It was in the high teens or cooler. Insted of taking the 4-wheeler, we walked in and jumped 2 does, and when we got in the stand it didn't take long until around 8:00 4 does came in, and 1 of them just presented me with a perfect broadside shot. I was tickled when I knew she was hit. We dragged her out and I helped clean her and also got my face hit with blood. I was so proud of myself that I said I would never forget that day. :D


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Yep -- that memory will last a lifetime.;)

Thanks for the story and welcome again.:D


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Thanks for sharing your story. Pick ya up a cheap digital so the next deers you get you can post 'em up and brag a little like the rest of us do. :D Nothing quite says in words what a pic or two will. ;) :bounce: :bounce:




Great Story my Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There ain't nothin'.......And, I mean nothin' like takin' your first deer!!!!!!!!!

You nor your Dad will ever forget it!!!!!!!!! :cool:


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Good Job Stinkypete. You can rest assured you will never forget that one. Glad to see you are up and running and our able to post enjoyed your story and can't wait to here more.


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Congratulations S.P. Welcome to the campfire. I am curious about how you got your screen name. Maybe that's another story.

Sounds like a great hunt! You will always remember all of the details about your first deer. You are a lucky young man to have a Dad who takes you hunting.

Almost forgot - WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Good story Stinky. Great memories for you bud. :yeah: