Hooch big girls (stripers and bass) - 3-15-21

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Dustin Pate

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I had a feeling that yesterday evening could be epic give the wind, low water, and clouds. That turned out to be the case. I had one thing in mind and that was to pick up the big sticks and go for broke. My best three stripers went 18, 15, and 16.5. I also had a bass right at 8 lb, which had someone's crappie hook stuck in it's mouth. I also had at least a dozen other blowups that resulted in no hookup. Always good when you head to the ramp with beat up hands and aching muscles.

160578223_10103767121106368_7943090576790207123_n.jpg 160787731_10103767121016548_7763928399722780304_n.jpg 160898006_10103767121216148_7338705162499691571_n.jpg 160904743_10103767121041498_5921662946571963280_n.jpg 160911574_10103767120951678_2635618299607998829_n.jpg 160911574_10103767120976628_1546151969865483826_n.jpg 161000915_10103767121131318_8473742175984912671_n.jpg 161114275_10103767121266048_7438936527667378390_n.jpg 161557837_10103767121345888_6021481362695215197_n.jpg
Sweet !!!!


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What water temps were you seeing? I hit Chatuge yesterday after church and saw anywhere from 57-60.


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Dang, you said you were hammering on them, congrats
And then came the rain and cooler temps, shoot it might help that Jin colored river to have a little stain to it ;)