Hooch strikes again!

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Went out to the national forest this weekend because my usual wma's were not doing anything this week. I hunted an area where I have seen fresh bear tracks in the road and scat that looks like a cow has been there every time I have gone in to hunt or scout so I decided to give it one more try before hunting a different area. About 2 pm a nice one came down the hill and as I waited for him to present a shot he winded me and turned inside out tryin to get away. As I sat there cussing to myself this one popped in and considering that the bigger one just winded me and probly wouldn't be back anytime soon I went ahead and shot this one for the slow cooker. It's been a good year so far. Keep Rollin em out yall. And this is the only selfie I'll ever take. lol 20181013_174342.jpg 20181013_171812.jpg 20181013_174249.jpg
Nice Bear! Well done.