Lanier is heating up w/pics

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I've been getting out over the last few weeks and over the last week it's been getting much better. The corps is moving water 24/7 and the water is beginning to warm. It was 57 back in the creek today and we're still more than 3.5 feet above full pool. My favorite baits over the last few weeks has been shakey head, crankbait, jig, jerkbait and chatterbait. Basically just pick out a nice stretch of banks and start chunking and winding.
chatter4.jpg chatter1.jpg chatter.jpg chatter5.jpg Here's a few pics from a short trip this afternoon.
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Very nice Jim – thanks for the report and pics.

I like the pot belly in that first one!
Thanks Cletus. I suspect the one in the first pic was getting close to spawning. She was back in a little spawning cut and only a few feet off the bank. Seems like on Lanier some of the big girls spawn early.