Lanier over the past week w/video

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I got out a few days last week and after staying off the water over the weekend and yesterday I was back at it this morning. This morning was much more pleasant than last week. This morning the humidity was low and it felt pretty nice for a change. As far as the fishing goes, the fish were pretty active this morning. Last week I caught them on weightless flukes, spybaits, chug bugs, spooks, sammies, poppers, drop shot and swimbaits. This morning I was running some new baits but every once in a while I throw the popper a bust a decent fish. Water temps were in the upper 70's when I hit the lake a 7am and it was over 80 degrees when I pulled out at lunchtime. Here's a little video of some of the popper fish from this morning.
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No doubt you're enjoying this weather. Great video!
Thanks Fred. It's a nice change to be able to stop the boat to fish and not be dripping sweat in 10 minutes.