List your Missing/Stolen guns here


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Not real sure if this will serve any great purpose or not, but after reading of all the losses in GeauxLSU's thread in the Open forum, Thought it might be worth doing. I noted that several still knew the serial numbers of the stolen guns and I have a few myself.

I thought it would be nice to have them all together and a printout could easilly be made and put in your wallets for reference when needed. You never know when you might run across one of these weapons.

BTW, even if you do not know the S/N, your missing weapon might have had some noticeable characteristic(s) which would make it easily identifiable.

Here is mine which were taken in a burglary about 1976:

Browning .22 cal. semi-auto rifle S/N 13912T37. This was the small rifle that loaded thru the side of the stock.

Also, not a gun, but a recurve bow, a Browning Explorer I, LH, 56", 55#, S/N 4D465-1.
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Colt/Essex Custom Grade .45 Auto pistol
S/N 554227
2 tone Blue slide on Stainless Frame, Bo Mar lowmount adj sights, KART target barrel, etc...

Stolen Warner Robins Ga on 12-8-1998


308 WIN

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Stolen In Alpharetta Ga. In July 1995, Remington Model 760 Carbine 308 Win. No S/n But It Was Spray Painted Green And Brown. Had A Bushnell 1.75- 4 or 4.5x20mm Scope.
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Eddy M.

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will have to see if Starkville Miss. still has my gun Info on what was stolen
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I had 10 guns stolen in June. Fortunately, i had all of the serial numbers. They are now entered into the FBI's National Crime Information Center database.

Without the serial numbers I would think it would be difficult to prove that agun once belonged to you even with unique characteristics.


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1966 Colt Frontier Scout 22/22mag - Black with stag grips.

My Dad bought it new. Gave it to me when I was about 18. Some scumbag stole it along with my truck back in 1990. Police found my truck, but not the gun of course.


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Sure does scare me to think of someone stealing my guns. The safe gives me a warm and fuzzy, but, on a LEO's advice.........

I took digital pics of all my guns, then used my photo software (Adobe Photoshop) to label them with the serial numbers and other info (make/model caliber, scope make, #, etc.) Have hard copies to carry and saved on CD.

Taylor Co.

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Browning "Sweet Sixteen" Belgium made Blonde stock and forearm 22" barrell. Have no s/n
Weatherby .340 26" #2 contour barrell Lazermark Leop. varixIII 4.5x12? adjustable objective
Benelli Super-90 12Ga. 26" barrell Black synthetic stock.

I did not have serial# on any and never could replace them!

Just BB

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All my fathers guns were stolen about 20 years ago. Don't have any of the serials. But one was a Savage 22/410 over/under with plastic stock and forearm. It was a take down model and probably 40 years old. Used it as a kid. Would love to have that one back.


marlin 30-30 stolen in buford in 1992,dont know the ser # ,had a bushnell 3-9 scope and barrel was wraped in camo tape. my dad gave it to me in the late 60s and I know every little scratch in that old gun because I sat many hours in the woods with it in my lap. wish I had it back :cry:

dapper dan

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Had a Remington 700 black synthetic 270 w/ a leupold 3x9x40 stolen also

marlin model 60 22lr, w/ tasco 3x9x40

mossberg 9200 semi auto shotgun

walther p99 40 cal

had all serial numbers except the shotgun , maybe whoever stole it will shoot some crack dealers w/ them and then shoot themselves.


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Mossberg 12 gauge pump, 60's model, belonged to my father. Someone broke into my apartment after only having the gun there for two days. Must have seen me bring it in.:huh: It has a ribbed forearm and the stock has been refinished, so it's a slightly different color than the forearm. No S/N. Stolen in Columbus in 2003.


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Had a Browning Citori 525 20ga stolen out of my truck 2 weeks ago. I was in Columbus at the time, had the serial # but have not heard anything from the Columbus police.


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how 'bout a bow?

MathewsQ2 serial #304936

CopperJohnproIII sights,TT dropaway,Kwikee kwiver,doinker,and STS


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not so true

Friend of mine had photo's of a lot of the stuff stolen from his house by some dumb kids and they found kids and stuff from pawn shop not all the stuff but the photo did help retrieve the goods. I got my guns on cd's pictures and some s/n so just in case.


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Rem Mod 700LH in .270 Win. on or about Oct 27, 05.
Somewhere in the vicinity of Redwine Cove Rd and Carbondale Rd in Dalton, Ga. Gun was in a grey hard sided Contico Case. Gun was topped with a Tasco World Class 3x9x40. In excellent shape. HUnted wiith since 1989. I have the serial number in the police report, but if any one sees this gun please give me a shout---more sentimental value than anything.


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The only firearm we ever "lost".... out club of over 25 years, was a little Winchester Model 70 Featherweight in .243. It was left overnight in one of the campers (the night before one of our members was coming to borrow it). Kinda' strange too, nothing else was taken, and no guns were EVER stored there before !


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Sometimes paranoid is good

Reminds me of those hunting sign-in places that are not guarded. You know....leave your name and county.

With a rather rare name for that county, some fella signed in a lot of times as Elmer Fudd.

Don't know if they ever robbed Elmer's house!