Luckiest man alive ?


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He was a lucky man I agree. Had that been me I would have stunk so bad that thing would never have wanted to eat something that smelled that bad..
He just wanted a good petting! I’ve had them act like that with me. I just walk right up and pet them. They settle right down. :geek::geek::geek: Disclaimer I am joking, it takes them a while to settle down.
maybe it's wrong, but I was more concerned about the cubs the cougar left unattended while it stalked the hiker. Once the hiker was obviously getting out of Dodge, you'd think that the cougar would have a "mission accomplished" moment and get back to those cubs before another threat to her cubs emerged. Maybe the cougar wanted to make sure that the hiker got the message loud & clear!
Being that cats are usually scared of everything, I wonder what would happen if the guy turned the table and charged the cougar. I'm sure it would retreat at least a bit, during which time he could grab a few rocks and continue his charge while throwing the rocks.
I think, the cougar would run back to her kids and run them to safety.
Because we have such a high population of cougar here, and the amount of time I spend in the woods, I'm surprised I haven't run across one yet.

Google "cougar vs wolf: unreal battle". This is the area I hunt bear, deer and elk. I know the cougar and wolf reside here, but I've not seen either, though I am confident they have seen me
Thanks for posting a version of that that isn't six minutes of profanity or bleeped profanity.
Two differences between me and that guy:
1:It wouldn't be on video if that was me. Getting a viral video isn't worth dying. I think I would want all my attention on that cat instead of a phone.
2: When it started that snarling charge when it was swatting with its paws, it would have heard a bang and had a face full of gravel, and if it still kept coming, I think it would have been soaking up .40s. That looks like about a hundred stitches per second there. Those things don't play.