Meriwether County 8 Point


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Congratulations!! Awesome buck!!


Turkey Man
Thanks everyone. He was a fighter for sure. One of his eyes was put out. Glad to get him out so he cannot bully our up and coming ten points.
Woohoo! Man what a stud! I am 100% with ya on letting the 10’s get mature like this one did! Can you see that 10 getting this big? Yeah, me too! :hair::hair:


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That's an outstanding buck and congratulations! Oh to have one like that step out in front of me! :rockon:


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Mighty fine buck! Congrats!

Meriwether Mike

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That fence is to keep my members out of the cow pasture. ;)

Cletus T.

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Awesome buck - thanks for sharing the story of the hunt too. I always enjoy reading that part of the story!